KIWI is an original music sharing app that allows you to collect playlists based on the range of QR-coded KIWIs posted in a given area.

After growing tired of my own music taste during quarantine, I wanted to create an active music discovery experience that connected people without having to interact in person.  

I used a portal-like design to represent the way music can transport us to many places.

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KIWI Postings

Recreation Spaces


Cafes & Restaurants


Local Landmarks

Mobile App Mockup

Home-screen map displays pins of KIWIs that will give you directions to your chosen location.

Option to switch to AR mapping. 


Scan QR-code to preview KIWI info, enter chosen song, and gain access to the playlist.

Once entered, you can watch and post video clips, save songs, and earn badges.

Desktop App Mockup
AR Snapchat Filter

Filter opens up any flat surface into a portal that reveals KIWIs near your location.